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About us


Welcome to the ETHNOS National Genetic Databases, resulting from the fruitful collaboration among several investigators from various countries, the Golden Helix Foundation (London, UK) and the University of Patras (Greece). This project is encouraged by the Human Genome Variation Society and financially supported in part by the Golden Helix Foundation, the European FP6 INCO MedGeNet and FP7 GEN2PHEN grants. This project is part of the Genome Informatics Working Group of the Genomic Medicine Alliance.
The initial data came from the previously published reports available in PubMed as well as from unpublished information contributed from individual researchers prior of publication, based on the microattribution approach, and recorded against individual researchers ResearcherIDs. This information is converted to a database, and now new entries are added and old entries are corrected by our expert advisors and collaborators.
The database allows interested parties to query all summaries of all genetic disorders in various populations and the causative mutation and pharmacogenomic biomarker allele frequency data in these populations. These datasets are also shared by FINDbase database of clinically relevant genome variation allele frequencies.

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